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Meet Jonathan Bell, 

Founder & CEO of BMC

Hello, I'm Jonathan, a young and innovative entrepreneur with a passion for empowering the Gen Z community and educating companies on effective digital marketing strategies to grow their business.

Summary About My Jonathan Bell. 

I hail from Oak Park, Illinois, but spent most of my formative years in Chicago and Springfield, Missouri. As a child raised by a single mother, we faced financial hardships and had to constantly adapt to make ends meet. Although I had a half-father, we did not have a close relationship, and at times we found ourselves without a permanent home, bouncing between different places and schools. Despite the challenges, these experiences taught me valuable lessons. I'm thankful for the opportunity to share my story with others, in the hope that they can learn from it and not be defined by their own difficulties.

Book Jonathan To Speak!

Public Speaking Journey.

Organizations and companies have hired Jonathan to bring the innovation thinking approach to their events. 

SGForum - Chamber Of Commerce

Providing Young Professionals Hope About Their Journey. 

Springfield Public Schools Kick-Off

Give "At-Risk" Students A Chance, Build Relatonships With Your Students.

NAACP Youth Business Event.

Giving Our GenZ Community, Hope About Their Entreprenurship Journey.

More Projects
Leading By Example To Youth & Entrepreneurship.
The Difficult Conversation.
Strategize Live.
Start-Ups, Getting Started Affordably.
Being Multi-Faceted
Chase Your American Dream

Jonathan tells stories that help people reflect on themselves and how to become better, for themselves and their families.

What Jonathan Speaks About.

Score E3 Women's Confrence. 

Understanding How To Market To GenZ.


It takes one person to step up, and speak with these students that have experienced trauma at a younger age

Multi-Cultural Business Association. 

Educating Companies & Students about taking smaller steps, that create big avenues. 

Speaking Engagements Scheduled. 

May 16-17th

Missouri Employment Conference @ Old Kinderhook Resort Golf Club & Spa... Camdenton, Missouri.

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