Tips About Starting A Business!

We're going to talk about the most dreadful part of starting a business. As business owners, there are factors you have to implement and use critical thinking before jumping into the water. For example which can be Forming your legal entities, filing your EIN's, Business Planning, Capital Cost, Investor Presentations, Locations, Laws and Regulations to follow, taxes, accounting, marketing, etc.

✨In this case, since we're a marketing company and we talk about marketing on our platform, we wanted to talk about the marketing aspect of things and branding about starting a business.

✨Planning your business, coming up with a business name, a slogan, a secondary slogan, a secondary logo, concepts for direct to- consumer researching. Why is this important? It's pretty important in the process of forming your business, there could be other businesses that have the ideas you have, and we need to find the right designs for your business so it can be finalized!

✨Branding is essential for startups due to the number of factors needed to be implemented, you'll need a website with your branding, finding your purpose to your brand, visual identity, etc.

✨Then my favorite part comes in... Marketing!! Marketing for your startup business will be the best business purchase you've ever made. Without marketing and find your audience and getting the word out, your business will tend to stall and no really go anywhere. That's why it's important you market your business, find the best practices that will work for you, and the sky is the limit!

Bells Marketing Consultant

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