Time to shine: How To Build Your Business Online Presence?

Updated: Mar 19

Growing Your Business in the Digital World can have its ups and downs, during these unprecedented times; Businesses were forced to shut their stores around the globe. If your business has been impacted, we're going to give you some tips RIGHT NOW to help that business of yours succeed during this pandemic!

If Your Business Sells Products or Services consider E-Commerce! We say this because your business will still be able to operate, just won't be in store. As a Digital Marketer, I noticed small Mom & Pop shops have closed and haven't been operating. What we try to encourage businesses everywhere would be to start selling online. The business shouldn't stop during unprecedented times, let E-Commerce help your business stay running!

On Social Media, there will be projected to be 2.77 billion (REAL), users, using Social Media. Playing the right cards can guarantee success for your business being taken online. Begin Optimizing your Business literally everywhere and not just Social Media. We recommend using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Google My Business, SEO Pages, Yelp, Google Maps, Better Business Bureau, Microsoft, and more! If you aren't familiar with the Digital World, that's okay! That's why we offer Free Consultations for these reasons, our services page, and book today!

Next would be Optimizing Your Site that's Mobile-Friendly. Now you've optimized your website for Social Media and other website Channels to build your Presence for Search Engines. Now it's time that we take another look for Mobile Users that Browses the Internet. Making your website that's friendly to Mobile Users won't only make Google Happy, it'll as well help rank your website better against competitors and open up to more relative keywords and as well make content shareable for mobile users as well!

In Summary, we highly recommend you take your business to the internet! Put your business out there and putting your business out there will be free, this will make your business appear on the worldwide web. Social Media will expose your business to plenty of customers and clients as well, using them and providing outstanding content, your business will be ready to thrive!

Thank you for taking a read at our first official Blog Post! Our Primary goal for Bells Marketing Consultant is to help Businesses struggling to find their online presence! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!