Should You Buy A Social Media Course?

Updated: Oct 18

Have you ever walked across a YouTube ad claiming to be a guru or the leader in the industry?

Personally, I'm pretty annoyed by them, and my philosophy when it comes to learning something new in the business industry, you research every question you have, learn more and more before you hop into another venture. Free value is the best value, and you shouldn't have to pay for something that can tend to be misleading. Do you agree? That's why I love social media because we have so many people providing value each and every single day, that's the beauty of using our platforms and giving free value and showing tutorials, and helping people that need it or have questions that you can provide. Yes, you may not be getting paid for providing any sort of value for them, however, the value you're going is setting you up for success in the future, because that value leads to a sale, which leads to another sale so on and so forth; all because you took the time and made someone's day by helping. Let me know what you guys think in the comments about this? Would love to spark a conversation up!

Bells Marketing Consultant

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