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  • Jonathan Bell

5 Content Marketing tips for small businesses.

We're going to be dipping our knowledge into some content this week. We're doing this because we've been asked and noticed a few things about smaller Businesses here in my area about the content being put out there

Create a content strategy - What's a content strategy? What's content in general? Content is a form of visuals used with Graphic Designs, Videos, any form of that is content. How you develop a content strategy is all about your tailored target audience and how they respond to your content. What time are they active on social media? What do they love and hate? What days to post and not? These all play a critical role in what content you're producing and so much more.

Build an email listing - Your content is a money-making machine, it can help you produce an email listing so the people that chose to subscribe to your listings, can see more and more content of yours; Because they love it so much. And in this case, as digital marketers, we want to influence our potential clients by selling our services to them; By our well - thought content

Promote your content - Organically and paid advertising can go a long way with the content you've created, you'll expand to a much more broad audience to your desired niche. This way, you'll get a lot more recognition on your end because of how you produced your content.

If you don't buy cheap content - Purchasing cheap content can result in a much less reputation for your business, it can as well drive customers and clients away, which means your business could be impacted, so it's important to always have a set team that knows how to create, produce, and give the followers what they want.

Investing in visuals will up your content planning to the max, this will make your content look professional, new to your followers, and making them want to engage with it much more, so why not invest this into your business? It's a fantastic idea!

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