Four Key Tips for a Successful 2021 Social Media Strategy

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Social media has become a very important part of life in 2021. Extended families stay connected through Facebook, and influencers promote healthy lifestyles on Instagram. We are more invested in our social media accounts than ever before, and that means a majority of sales and brand interests are formed through social media and digital marketing alone. In fact, Instagram provides the second highest ROI for marketers, according to Hubspot. It can be extremely beneficial to both know and use the various methods of social media growth in order to ensure brand awareness and a high rate of conversions. Today, we are going to discuss four key tips that will ensure your success when it comes to a social strategy. Keep in mind that, while many platforms are mentioned, a lot of the focus for today’s post will be around Instagram.

Know Your Demographic

One factor of a solid social media strategy is knowing your key demographic. For starters, the platform you choose to promote your brand on will play a big part in the results you see from the campaign. Different social media applications cater to different kinds of users. As stated by Statista, 41% of teenagers use Snapchat more than any other platform. So, if your brand or product is designed for younger consumers, this would be a great place to advertise and market. If you are the owner of a female-focused fashion brand, it would be good to note that Facebook has a demographic of 75% women with a 72% annual income range between $30,000 and $74,999 according to Sprout Social.

Much like snapchat, Instagram is also known for catering to a younger audience, and 140 million users are from the US. Some other popular locations include India with 120 million users and Brazil with 95 million users. The US audience is often more sought after because of the larger income and higher conversion rates, but these campaigns often take a bigger budget in order to reach a sustainable amount of users. Other countries, like India or the UK, allow for a notably higher amount of accounts reached for a lesser amount spent. These are all very important things to consider when setting up your social media campaign.

One more thing to note is that Instagram’s biggest demographic are users between the ages of 18 and 24, with 510 million female users and 490 million male users according to Statista. This means that Instagram has 1 billion users overall, making it the third most popular social platform. It’s definitely a channel to consider in your 2021 strategy.

Reach the Right Followers

One very consuming aspect to a majority of social media users’ is the amount of followers they manage to obtain. More often than not, this is simply a vanity metric, which means it has potential to completely ruin your engagement stats. The majority of what I’m about to say applies to Instagram.

The point isn’t necessarily how many followers you have, but instead, the value of each individual follower you manage to retain. If your posts aren’t getting any likes or comments, that most likely means your product isn’t selling or your personal brand has no actual awareness.

When it comes to finding an engaged following, it is extremely beneficial to search for other big accounts and hashtags in your specific niche. The best thing you can do is interact with an audience that already has an interest in the kind of content you share. This can be ensured by commenting, liking posts, and dming followers of similar accounts to yours.

Post and Engage Daily

A very important thing that keeps brand followers interested is a consistent posting schedule. The majority of big brands post at least once a day and spend the first hour replying and reacting to comments. This lets the audience know you care about their opinion, and therefore, they feel important and heard. This ensures loyal followers that will continue to contribute to your growth and ROI.

Along with feed posts, make sure you are doing lives and interacting with the watchers the entire time. This makes you more relatable and forms a connection with each individual follower. Lastly, take advantage of stories as much as you can. Ask questions and take polls. This is another method of allowing your audience to truly feel heard and valued, therefore leading to higher conversion rates.

Know How To Determine KPI’s

Last, but certainly not least, we are going to take a look at KPI’s. If you’re unsure what this term means, let me explain: a KPI is a quantifiable measure used to evaluate the success of a brand in meeting objectives for performance. The four main KPI’s in the social media game are reach, engagement, ROI, and retention and loyalty.

Reach is most often determined by impressions and mentions, though follower count definitely contributes. In order to be seeing impressions and mentions, you have to abide by tips 1–3.

Engagement refers to likes, comments, shares, saves and retweets. This means engagement directly affects reach, and the two rely on each other. Due to how the Instagram algorithm works, the more likes and comments you receive, the greater chance of exposure on the explore page. This means that people interested in your niche will see you organically and those views will convert into follows.

ROI is your return on investment, and this refers to what you make back in comparison to what you spend on advertising and exposure. With the right campaign and targeting, you should make a lot more than you spend.

Lastly, retention and loyalty refers to your relationship with your followers. So, make them feel heard and valued by replying to their comments and direct messages. As long as you are retaining followers and those followers are staying loyal to your brand, this KPI should be a piece of cake. Building long-lasting client relationships through social media is key when it comes to your marketing strategy.

A good way to analyze these KPI’s is by using Instagram's analytics tool to keep track of followers, know your highest engagement times, and view post interactions.

In Conclusion

Social media and the digital world are competitive, busy places, but getting ahead of the game is not impossible. There are resources all over the internet to help you form a solid strategy in order to grow your brand and create a loyal following. Start here, and continue your journey. High conversion rates are in the near future if you use these methods and launch your social media and digital efforts to the fullest. Good luck and happy marketing.

- Halle Clark Our Social Media Strategist

Bells Marketing Consultant

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