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Recent Projects

Companies choose us because of our proven-track record of successful campaigns we've executed. 

Sonny O'Brien, Infinity Nutrition.

Executing Effective Brand Awareness.

Heartstone Network

From Nothing - To 20K Followers + 700k Organic Reach On Tiktok.

Herbal Remedy 

Growing Sales Locally - To National Through SEO.

More Projects


Total BMC Clients.


We've worked with 35 companies nationally, growing their business with effective brand awarness.

Social Media Management.

3 MIL+

With 3 clients we've management on social media, each has recieved over a million impressions on Social Media.

Positive Insight.


Every single company we've worked with has gave BMC positive feedback during our entire project together. 



BMC has been in business for growing companies.

Team Members.


BMC is growing our team members, and we couldn't have had these successful projects without our members. 

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