Hello my name is Jonathan Bell!

Hey! My name is Jonathan Bell and I'm the proud founder and CEO of Bells Marketing Consultant. I started Bells Marketing Consultant because I wanted to make a difference in small businesses'  going through tough times, I wanted to help their business turn from closed to open during covid-19 and increase sales. And we've done just that and will continue to operate.

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My Story as an entrepreneur.

I'm an entrepreneur that grew up in the land of Lincon, while I was younger; my family relocated here to Springfield, Missouri. I'm a big music lover, my passion is playing the cello and piano, it's been a part of my life for more than 6+ years. I love creating and playing for people, and it's something that will stick for a while. Dating back to when covid-19 started, sitting at home and doing online classes wasn't exactly in anyone's favor. During that time, I noticed our local businesses were closed, after seeing what was projected, the online business model booming, and I wanted to help our local businesses achieve that. Some companies here in Springfield aren't as tech-savvy, and my primary role as a consultant is to provide that information and help your business succeed, and we've done that with the businesses we've worked with. 


I'm always looking for opportunities to meet business owners like yourself, if you need absolutely anything please don't hesitate to contact me directly!

(417)-812-6395 x 1002