My Name Is Ingrid May. A!

'What I like about working with Bells Marketing Consultant company is that the team is like family, one for all, all for one. We work together for the same goal and that is to make the company successful while doing it together in a fun and friendly environment. We have an open communication, positive work place and respect for everyones input. I am happy to be part of the team and amazed by how we conquer every milestone. I am excited to witness the journey as I know we are going to be great and a big success!'

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My Story.

I am Ingrid May Aguilar born and raise in the Philippines. Graduated Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship at Silliman University Dumaguete City. Cabin Crew by profession in a local airline in the Philippines and an Executive assistant at Bells Marketing Consultant Company. I love to travel, see and experience other cultures around the world. My hobbies are scuba diving, hiking, swimming and just chilling at the beach, reading so I can learn new things as much as I can and spend time with my love ones. I believe that if we work together as a team and have respect for each other, then we can achieve anything we want. Life is too short for negativity so exhale all the negative energy and inhale all the positive and see the wonders life offers. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(417)-812-6395 x 1001