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Why Should Your Law Firm Hire Our Marketing Consultant?

Providing value and educating the consumer is the way to go in the modern world of social media. People love and feed off of value which creates this pattern of consumers coming back. Our Law Firm Marketing Efforts helps firms cross-promote events to help increase overall brand awareness. Strategically and sometimes, the most important factor to grow your type of business in the Law Industry is Search Engine Optimization. According to Legal Trends 2019, 57% of consumers look for lawyers, which means they will click the first 5 lawyers that pop up in your area. Let's talk and set up a meeting; we cannot wait to meet you!

Demonstrate credibility & authority.

A solid law firm marketing strategy should involve both passive and active marketing activities. A good example of passive marketing is your website copy that helps build credibility and authority around your firm. Instant credibility is also provided by reviews and testimonials from past clients. 

You Gain A Outside Prospective.

One of the main motives for hiring us as your consultant is to get an external point of view. We see things with more clarity, and above all, objectivity.  We want to make sure we fully understand your business goals, and how we can find creative strategic ways to implement them.


Time is money, and our consultant can save your organization money. Our company will ensure we can solve your marketing issues promptly and efficiently. Our Marketing Consultant has a proven track record of saving law firms money long-term.

We Understand What Your Business Needs.

Every Law Firm has some issues that occur, whether that's lack of business, finding the right employees, marketing to the right demographic, etc. We will ensure that we understand your company's style, values, and overall brand. We do this because we simply enjoy it, and we want to make sure we're providing the best value we can for your law firm.

Exceeding All Expectations

Does your law firm need some Gen-Z innovation from Bells Marketing Consultant? Book a Low-Cost Marketing Consultation and your law firm will be in a position to grow to its maximum potential.

Need More Reasons?

Search Engine Optimization.

When you work with BMC, you’ll get personalized attention from the owner.  We personalize law firm SEO services to fit your needs.  You’ll get concierge-level care directly from a Law  Firm SEO Expert, not some “hack” from overseas who doesn’t understand our language or our values.  If you’re a lawyer  with a practice in Missouri, you don’t have time and money to waste on amateurs.  There’s a reason our reputation is impeccable: we always deliver impeccable results. Correction: over-deliver.  Consultations are free. 

Work with our Gen-Z Digital Marketing Agency Today.

High-Converting Web Design.

Every Law Firm deserves a piece of real estate, they can claim as their own; however, that piece of real estate has to be attractive while converting. We design websites based on an audience-centered approach. We make sure your website is comprehensible, flows well, and is properly optimized to rank higher in search engines. Your website is the most powerful marketing tool you can ever have; allow us make it more powerful.

Social Media Brand Awarness.

In our generation market, legal consumers turn more and more often to social media for service recommendations, questions about legal advice. It’s an incredibly effective means of building trust and developing your law firms brand. Stop letting the older generations try and take over the platforms we've grown up with, and let Gen-Z take over your law firms online presence.

Brand Management.

You've got great products, great services, good! Now what? You need an equivalent great expression. A brand identity that justifies it. The creative challenge for any company is to translate the strategic ideas into precise designs, and that's where we excel. Right from creating an iconic logo to extending it to comprehensive set of collaterals through a consistent visual language, sit back and relax, your brand is in one of the most equipped hands of current times.

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We scored #1 In Legal Marketing Companies in Springfield - Expertise

From Expertise - 'Bells Marketing Consultant is a Gen Z company operating in Springfield. It helps law firms increase their overall brand awareness by cross-promoting events through SEO and social media. Marketing plans include initial audits, monthly reporting, guest blog writing, hashtag research, graphic posts, and content strategy focus. Its team of professionals conducts consultations to establish both passive and active marketing activities that target the appropriate demographic for the client's services. The company also provides marketing and advertising services for the real estate industry.'