What do you sell or offer?
✨Why do you sell them?
✨What and who are you?
✨Does your brand influence?
✨Does it stay trendy?
✨Tag-Line - Colors?? And so much more.

Branding is pretty important for any business so we know who you are and why you exist. I'm going to tell you guys at least 5 things that you need to become a successful start-up brand.

⭐Logo And Word Mark. Why do you need a logo?? Saying you don't need a logo is like saying you're in business without a logo... It doesn't make sense, you need to have a logo to let us know who you are! Just that simple. ✨A word mark is a little piece of uniqueness in each brand, it shows that you stand away from the crowd and you're worth being a part of.

⭐Fonts and Colors. You'll need to have a Branded Font that you'll use every single time when writing something, why do you need this?? Typography enables you to enrich your brand and makes your brand have a personality. (Big things that seem little in branding)

⭐Style consistency. Different styles won't be as great for your brand, the reasoning for this is because it makes you seem as I'd you're all over the place. Posting on social media and having a feed color I feel as if it's semi-important, it shows you're pretty organized and take care of your brand.

⭐Shape and Form. There's a realm of phycology in branding that the audience sees and likes about your brand. Having a unique line, or a unique shape... Something unique enables your brand to be ✨unique✨ This is regarding shapes in your logo, shapes in your posts or even packaging literally can be anywhere!

⭐The key components that form a brand's toolbox include a brand's identity, personality, product design, brand communications, etc... Such as by logos and trademarks), brand awareness, brand loyalty, and various branding (brand management) strategies, and more!

⭐Theme and Taglines. Background Themes, Catchy taglines (Your Business)


Brands we've worked with.

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