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Chief Executive Officer, Marketing Director

Jonathan Bell

Jonathan Bell is the proud founder & owner of Bells Marketing Consultants, LLC. Overseeing our internal & external operations for BMC, providing a collaborative workspace and ensuring our team is fulfilled within their personal and professional lives. While managing our marketing department. 

What Value, Offering Quality Value.

At our core, we believe in empowering businesses in Springfield, Missouri, and the United States through education and training in digital marketing. We are committed to equipping small businesses with the knowledge and tools they need to take their ventures to the next level. Through our efforts, we aim to support and uplift the entire community.

How BMC Started.

Bells Marketing Consultant, also known as BMC, is a digital marketing agency founded by Jonathan Bell, a Springfield teenager with a passion for social media and digital marketing. The agency was established in April 2020, when Bell was only 16 years old.

BMC specializes in providing a wide range of digital services to small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses. These services include search engine optimization (SEO), paid social media advertising strategies, website development, and more. The agency prides itself on its ability to listen to clients, provide passion and results, and maintain great communication.


Despite its recent establishment, BMC has already assisted over a dozen local businesses and several out-of-state companies. Jonathan Bell's expertise in interpreting analytics, increasing ranking results, and more has helped the agency gain a positive reputation in the industry. BMC's impressive work has resulted in the agency being on track to nearly double its profits this year.

Business Development Director

Jadyn Lewis 

My name is Jadyn Lewis, I'm a professional up-coming boxer, and an entrepreneur. I Work alongside the CEO & lead our sales department by expanding BMC from local to regional growth, tapping into newer markets that could utilize our GenZ Innovation. This means Forming and maintaining our client partnerships.

Assistant Director. (A.D)

Hope Christian Laviña

Working along side our directors, providing administrative support for our directors. 

Sales Acquisition Specialist. (S.A.S)

Analou Lumanta

Aiding our Business Development Director by generating sales for the company, and connecting with potential prospects to partner with BMC. 

Office Manager.

Coming Soon.

Maintains office services by organizing office operations and procedures. 

Digital Marketing Specialist. (D.M.S)

Elijah Saenz

Second command for the marketing department, leading & executing marketing strategies & consulting with companies. Operating our clients social media platforms, including Tiktok & Instagram to grow an audience, build brand awareness, and ultimately, boost sales.

Brand Specialist. 

Blake Stoner

Leading our entire Design operations working with the marketing department making sure our partners customer base understands their brand visually. 

Marketing Consultant. (M.S)

Coming Soon.

Providing analytical over-sight for our marketing-projects, assisting our Marketing Department.

Project Specialist. (P.S)

Nicole Horrell

Plan and develop the project implementation & execution across all departments. Monitor project progress, set deadlines, solve issues that arise, manage budgets, project performance, including the performance of their team members.


Kenyan Hendrix

Seeking to obtain-value from BMC's diverse group of entrepreneurs & innovators. 

Back-End Developer.

Mike Dayupay

Performing behind the scenes work for our clients website's on the back-end.

Front-End Web Developer. 

Will Bremer

Designing dreams our clients envision on their website, and turning those visions into realities. 

Meet The Team

Operations Director. 

Coming Soon.

Working alongside the CEO providing the most effective day-to-day strategies for our In-House & Virtual Team. Representing the company publicly, and  attending events under the company's behalf.

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