Bells Marketing Consultant

At Bells Marketing Consultant, we believe in the power of innovative leadership. We're a marketing consultant based in Springfield, Missouri. And we serve clients all over the country! We succeed in achieving results for the brands and businesses we work with, creating powerful audience-centered connections.

Our Marketing Company Serviced Over 40+ Companies Nationally.

Affordable Services for Small-Medium Businesses.

One-Stop Marketing Firm in Springfield, Missouri.

97% Client Success Rate.


Innovative Marketing Company.

Who we are.

We're a Digital Marketing Consultant based in Springfield, Missouri. We serve companies locally and nationally. Our purpose for existing is to help the little guy make it to the top with our digital modernized marketing experience. We aim and strive to continue to be result-driven for your business, and it would be an honor to work with your business. 

We're not your average marketing firm.

Bells Marketing Consultant - #1 Digital Marketing agency in Springfield Missouri!

Social Media Services

We offer a full service based on social media marketing and management, we strive to implement your social media the highest leveled presence possible. We do this, by ensuring the content on your feed is high quality, organically increasing your social media day-to-day. Delivering your brand to life and increasing your overall brand awareness.

Search Engine Optimization services!

Search Engine Optimization

We manage your business Search Engine Optimization, we seek to ensure your business ranks higher on search engines, how do we do this? Adding proper keywords and descriptions onto your website, analyzing your off-page SEO, building backlinks, building relevance to your business on search engines, and more!

Website Management Services

We design websites, manage the marketing for your website, update necessary designs for your website, on-page Search Engine Optimization, and more. We want to ensure your website is working for you, not the other way around.

Creative Services

We offer a broad ammount of our creative services, we offer businesses our brand management, logo designing, photography, art director, and set designer. We have a highly skilled team behind your business, and we will make sure your brand is the way you want, but better.


Bells Marketing Consultant has it all when it comes to Professionalism, Communication, Bringing tremendous value to the table and getting the job done well. I highly recommend this company for any Social Media Management Needs and Marketing and Advertising Needs As well.

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Total Life Restoration LLC

Founder and CEO

He was beyond helpful and was there every step of the way in building my creation. I highly recommend Johnathan for anything, he is patient, kind, and just all around awesome to work with!


Exquisite Beauty 

CEO and Founder

Jonathan was easy to work with, was tremendous in bringing ideas and creative input to a less than stellar idea for a logo.

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Camp Wander

CEO and Founder

Our Clients 

Total Life Restoration LLC

Camp Wander

Osage Branch Retreat Center

D&MH Logistics LLC

Jim Pendergrass Driving School LLC

New Residential Remodeling 

K&W Boutique Law Firm

Angela L Reed Dental

C.Hicks Music

Brent Gilstrap Realtor

Aubree FIelds 

Robert Rooth Law Firm

VIP Marketing Enterprise

Open Arms Agency 

Herbal Remedy Brand

Knoll and Walters Law Firm

Exquisite Beauty Brand

Rmbt Brand

C.Hicks Brand 

Patti Nash 

The Bay Area Architects 



What Niche do you work with?

We specialize in working with Law Firms, Real Estate Firms, Financial Companies, Dental Companies, Brands, Influencers, Non-Profit Orginizations, and Car Dealerships. We only work with this group, due to the ammount of value we bring to the tabel for each and every industry listed, we've given results, we've delivered the highest ammount of customer service, and we're sticking to it.

What is the Bells Marketing Consultant Client Onboarding process?

  1. Book a service - You'll automatically get a Free Consultation
  2. After the consultation, and you want to work with us, we'll get started on the project.
  3. We begin the implementation phase, getting started on the desired project needed to do and more, fixing as we go, making sure the implementation is going smooth as possible.
  4. We'll then begin executing the plan, and watching the growth beyond. We'll make neccisary adjustments we see fit, to make sure the project we're doing for your business, is being ran successfully.

Are we affordable?

Absolytley! We're a one-stop marketing firm, meaning we offer a variety of services that's tailored for you. We're priced from $100-$5,000 max. We want to make sure we're affordable for every business we work with.