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Nice To Meet You! We're Bells Marketing Consultant.


The Future Of Successful Marketing.

So... What Do We Do?!

At Bells Marketing Consultant, how we're different from other marketing companies would be we believe in the power of young innovative digital marketing. We're a marketing consultant based in Springfield, Missouri. And we serve the Ozarks and companies nationally! We set the tone by succeeding in executing greater results for the brands and businesses we work with, creating powerful audience-centered connections while maintaining a powerful business connection with you.


Social Media Management

Building Your Brand on Social Media.

Search Engine Optimization

Gain Higher Visibility On Search Engines.

Website Design

Every Business Deserves A Quality Piece of Real Estate Online.

Why Companies Decide To Work With Our Gen-Z Marketing Firm.

Affordable Pricing.

We're Recognized as one of the most affordable marketing companies in Springfield, Missouri, and the United States. Our priority is to make sure there are marketing solutions that work for everyone's budget which includes valuable and innovative digital marketing to grow your business.

We Simply Don't BS.

Marketing Companies tend to really bs their way in business by offering hourly-based pricing, not giving you the business any reporting throughout the year, not being communicative, and not being that extra support for you. We're worked with numerous businesses that are worked with larger marketing firms that have done such a horrible job, trust me; we're here for you guaranteed.

We're Young, and We Bring A Lot To the Table.

Some companies often misunderstand just because we're young, that doesn't mean we don't have knowledge regarding digital marketing. With over 12 years of experience, growing up with Social Media, being the generation of the future; it's highly safe to say we know the digital space to grow companies. We innovate it's as simple as that.

We're In It For The Long Game.

Almost every business we've worked with always stayed in business with us, we consider our client's partners because we always have their back just as they do ours, we're in business to build relationships with your company as much as we do marketing.

Our Great Marketing = Our Happy Businesses.

What they're saying about Bells Marketing Consultant.

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"He's got a great work ethic, a great mindset," said Gilstrap, adding Bell is client-centric and supportive.

"If you're just interacting with him, you would never guess that he's in high school — as far as the professionalism, as far as the respect — and the process he goes through, his expertise."

Brent Gilstrap 

Real Estate Agent

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'Bells Marketing Consultant has it all when it comes to Professionalism, Communication, Bringing tremendous value to the table, and getting the job done well. I highly recommend this company for any Social Media Management Needs and Marketing and Advertising Needs As well'.

Total Life Restoration, LLC

Financial Consultant

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I am so happy and satisfied with Bell's Marketing Consultant because my website designer Jonathan Bell did a fantastic job creating my website and functional pages to help me launch my new small black-owned online business RBMTBASKETS LLC. 

Adrena Body

RBMT Baskets, LLC

A Marketing Company with an ambitious team of young marketing and creative innovators to grow your business.

.Companies We've Worked With

Brent Gilstrap, Real Estate

RBMT Baskets, LLC

Jim Pendergrass Driving School, LLC

D&MH Logistics, LLC

Herbal Remedy Co.

Knoll & Walters Law Firm

Robert Rooth Law Firm

Total Life Financial Restoration, LLC

Angela L. Reed Dental

.Companies We've Innovated

Camp Wander

Osage Branch Retreat Center

New Residential Remodeling

VIP Marketing Enterprise

Open Arms Agency

Exquisite Beauty Brand

C.Hicks , Music

The Bay Area Architects 

Patti Nash, Personal Trainer